Has The Time Come For The Latest Roof

Has The Time Come For The Latest Roof

While residential roofs are made to last, the day will come when the current roof will need to be replaced with something new. There are some common signs that making plans for a complete roof replacement needs to happen now rather than later. By being aware of those signs, the homeowner will be able to start discussions with a couple of re roofing and ensure the job is done before any serious issues develop. Here are some examples.

Brittle Shingles

Part of the spring cleaning involves a trip to the roof to clean out the gutter system. While managing the task, the homeowner notices that the shingles seem to be more brittle than they were last year. In fact, if they are stepped on in just the right way, they will crack. This is a sure sign that the material is wearing out, and it is just a matter of time before the roof begins to leak. Calling a roofing contractor and getting some quotes for a replacement now could mean saving a lot of time and expense later on.

Mold in the Attic

A trip to the attic is all it takes to realize that the space has a musty scent that was not there before. The reason for the scent is that the roof is leaking in a couple of places. One look at the rafters is all it takes to determine there is a thin layer of mold present in more than one spot. Since the damp is weakening the roof structure along with providing the ideal environment for mold growth, it makes sense to call a sarasota roofing professional and find out if the roof can be repaired or if a new roof is the best way to go.

Water Stains on the Ceiling

While resting on the sofa one day, the homeowner happens to look at the ceiling and notices water marks in several places. Since the water heater is in the basement, that means the roof is leaking. In fact, the leaking has gotten so bad that the water has managed to work through the insulation and all the way to the ceiling itself. At this juncture, the best move is to call a roofing professional and find out what is happening. If the cost of repairing the roof is only a little less than installing a new one, opting for the latter solution will provide more benefits in the years to come.

For anyone who is wondering if the roof needs to be repaired or replaced, call one of the roofers sarasota and arrange for a complete inspection today. Based on what the professional finds, it may be time to invest in a new roof and ensure the home is properly protected.