3 Facebook Advertising Insights

3 Facebook Advertising Insights

Are you considering advertising on facebook marketing or are you already doing so? Then these three insights will help your advertising campaigns to be more successful.

Perception One:

Facebook shouldn't be primarily an advertising sales platform. I do know the managers of Facebook have heavily promoted it as one of many top on-line advertising platforms out there. And, in many ways, they're correct. It has a fabulously rich advertising and marketing database.

So, what do I imply by this assertion, that Facebook is not primarily an advertising sales platform?

What I mean is that individuals's intention for being there may be not to buy. We're on Facebook to be social. To share foolish photos or find out what our mates are doing, etc. If we need to buy one thing, we'll go to web sites akin to eBay or Amazon or Etsy.

What this means for you as an advertiser, is that should you try to promote on Facebook right out of the gate, you will fail. Why? Because there is an on the spot disconnect between why somebody is there on Facebook, and what you might be doing.

The way in which around this problem is for you to give. You must promote one thing that gives value to the individuals who will see your advertisement. Briefly, you're using Facebook advertising to build a relationship. And, what you're hoping is that further down the road of that relationship, sales might be made.

Insight Two:

At the time of writing this, advertisements with video content material get the perfect views at the lowest common cost. And movies uploaded to Facebook do so much better than exterior video links (e.g. YouTube).

This corresponds closely with Insight one above, the place it was identified that the purpose is to build a relationship. And videos can do this relationship building very well.

Perception Three:

Facebook advertising, or any advertising for that matter, is just one link in a gross sales and marketing chain. You possibly can only expect it to do so much for you.

If we summarise this gross sales and marketing chain as having four foremost parts: The Market, the Message, the Magnet and the closing Mechanism. We can see that a whole lot of other components have to come collectively for a Facebook advertising campaign to be considered successful.

One of many keys to managing this process, is to have metrics in place to measure every component's performance. The Facebook advertising platform offers an intensive array of advert performance statistics. Make sure you concentrate on the one or ones, which apply directly to the bigger image of your entire gross sales and marketing processes.